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RWA Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk1 Bolt-action Rifle (Spring powered)

The Lee-Enfield rifle series has been around since 1895 when J.P. Lee originally designed the magazine for the Lee-Metford Rifles adopted by British Army that originally uses blackpowder ammunition. Later when conventional gun powdered rounds were adopted by the British Army, the Lee-Metford rifles became obsolete and was replaced by the Lee-Enfield Mk1 chambered in .303 British and from that point the Lee-Enfield series continued production with different variations until 1949 when it was finally replaced by the L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle.

The last model of the Lee-Enfield Series was the L42A1 sniper rifle that ironically only entering service at 1971 with a NATO 7.62x51 conversion by the RASF (Royal Small Arms Factory) and paired with a No.32 3.5x powered scope. Total number of Lee-Enfield production tolls at no less than 5,000,000 rifles between the variations of 'Marks' and 'Numbers'. The rifle is still actively found in areas of conflict at Afghanistan and in service with certain Indian police forces, the Canadian Rangers also used their Lee Enfields till 2015 and was finally replaced by the C-19 rifle.


Back to what we have here, the RWA Lee-Enfield No.4 rifle is a spring powered bolt action rifle loaded with features that are true to history. A 3-piece wooden stock wrapped around by metal brackets,  no magazine cutoff and a ladder-peep sight combo. Fed by a stamped sheet metal magazine with 35 rounds, the RWA Lee-Enfield No4 Rifle shoots at a steady 320 fps and has hop up adjustment hidden under the top cover. 


Holding the RWA Lee-Enfield No4 brings back the feel of how a good bolt-action rifle should be, actual wooden furniture, solid, accurate, a smooth pull action and a smooth trigger. Performing the 'Mad Minute' however would be a little challenging as one would have to fight with the spring pressure while pulling the action.