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Russians Clear Terrorist From House Without Ever Opening The Door


It’s not a secret that the Russians are remorseless when dealing with terror threats. They take situations involving violent extremism, and terrorist actions very seriously, and they deal with them with extreme prejudice. This is just an example of their actions on the objective when the Russian FSB discovers a known terrorist cell’s position.

First, the house is surrounded by special troops and armored vehicles. Next they give the people inside of the building a singular opportunity to surrender themselves, and any innocent people that may be in the position with them. If this opportunity is not taken, the house is leveled from the outside with a very high rate of small arms fire and explosives.

At the end, the FSB members clean up by doing a quick walk through of the position. They inventory not only the dead, but any weapons and equipment they may, or may not have found inside of the location. It’s a very Scorched Earth approach, but it is proving to be effective.