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This is the Badger, this is the Ares, Amoeba, Honey Badger...

This is no ordinary badger, this is an original Ares Amoeba Honey badger, this is the battle proven badger with class and distinction, engineered from the finest nylon fibre, proud of its heritage of other AMOEBA AEG's that went before it.

It comes with the simple yet elegant Amoeba Polymer mag, with a clear window showing simulated shell casings in, shining gold, illuminating the mag with an essence of combat operability, notice the subtle stippling panels, allowing for a hard grip, in dry, wet or even moist, conditions.

The purposeful extending stock locks back at the optimum length, and can collapse forward for storage or use in confined, tight, spaces. The gearbox has a fire selector on one side, allowing the system to be eased and prised out of the receiver quickly, smartly and cleanly with out getting hung up. The Hard hand stops the badger is supplied with gives the platform an aura of invincibility and also places your fingers in just the right places.

This is the Badger,
This is the Ares, Amoeba, Honey Badger...