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The J.A.Y. DESIGN’s revolutionary project

Do you remember the movie "The Lord of the Rings"? No? Little reminder:

-We can’t begin an interview without letting our interviewed person introducing himself to the readers, so some lines about Julian:

Hello everyone, I am Julian from J.A.Y. DESIGN, I am passionate by the industrial design, and the possibility to create things and adapt them to our world delights me. With a 3D printer and the head full of ideas (and some knowledge in engineer), a great range of possibilities are opened to me.

Here you have the project which he created this trend with, an incredible protection mask you can fix to your helmet:

-Super comfy, no pressure, adjustable to your need.

-Ultra resisting; made of high quality polymer.

-Adaptable, you can use it with all types of protection goggles for airsoft.

-Adjustable, you can use it with or without helmet, adapted straps for head.


Protection mask

Helmet’s straps

Straps to adjust without helmet

After such a success, we couldn't stop ourselves asking JAY some details about his project and all the process, you can read this in the next 0'20 Magazine issue, the N11...