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[POPULAR AIRSOFT] Zulu Tactical Goggles By Valken Tactical

Master Chief from Popular Airsoft wrote this review about the Valken Zulu Tactical Googles and we love it! 

Originally known as a paintball company, Valken Tactical has recently ventured into airsoft and is not only distributing their own complete airsoft guns which are either AEGs or HPA-powered, but also anything and everything that you will ever need for airsoft, from eye and face protection, to a full range of bio and precision BBs, tactical gears, HPA accessories, and so on.

I first met Janek Depczynski, of Valken Europe, during Border War 8 held in the Czech Republic last April 2016 and we started talking about the airsoft products that Valken Tactical has available and those that will be releasing soon. One of the products that Janek is very proud of is the Zulu Tactical Goggles that are meant to be really good especially in preventing misting or fogging which is the major concern among airsoft players using shooting glasses or goggles.

The Valken Zulu Tactical Goggles are proper shooting goggles that meet the following standards:

1. ANSI/ISEAZ87.1 - ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015. This “prescribes the design, performance specifications, and marking of safety eye and face products, including millions of safety goggles, spectacles, faceshields, and welding helmets, worn by workers in thousands of manufacturing and processing facilities, university and research laboratories, and other occupational settings.”

2. MCEP GI-PD-10-12 Ballistic Standards. This is “The current Military Combat Eye Protection Systems (MCEPS) standard is called MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 which superseded the MIL-PRF-31013 standard in April of 1996. This standard contains ballistic fragmentation tests that determine eyewear compliance. The Military MCEPS standard contains a series of tests that are much more intense than ANSI, to simulate projectiles and dangers faced in combat.”

3. CAN/CSA Z94.3-07 - This “Standard applies to eye and face protectors used in all occupational and educational operations or processes involving hazards to the eyes or face. Typical hazards include flying objects and particles, splashing liquids, molten metal, and ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation, but do not include X-rays, gamma rays, high-energy particulate radiation, radioactive materials, lasers, or masers.”

4. CE EN166 Certified – The European standards for ballistic and protective eyewear.

As for the features of the goggles, here is what the product brochure from Valken says:

- Sporty, lightweight design eliminates the bulkiness and weight of a goggle

- Fully adjustable elastic strap with quick release attaches to temples providing a secure fit

- Quick release interchangeable temples and an elastic strap

- Indirect vented foam carriage provides maximum dust protection, as well as a sufficient airflow outlet for heat

- The thermal system provides anti-fog protection in the worst weather conditions or extreme-temperature working environments

My main concern for this review is...

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