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RPD vs RPK. Who win?

At the end of World War II the RPD light machine gun, also called РУЧНОЙ ПУЛЕМЁТ ДЕГТЁРЁВА, PПД (did you miss the Cyrillic class at school too?), designed by Vasily Degtyaryov was already set to replace the DPM (that seemed to hold a pan on top instead of a magazine). However, after the appearance of the RPK designed by Kalashnikov in the 60s, the RPD took a back seat.

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Like many of the rifles manufactured at the time, it is made in wood and stamped steel, with a length of 1043mm it is a heavy machine gun at 7 kg!! Which matches the weight of the actual model.

Although the resemblance to an RPK may seem reasonable to a newcomer, there are actually many details that set them apart:

- Front sights       - Muzzle        - Bipod

- Outer barrel         - Barrel length         - Handguard

- Ejection lever         - Top part          - Pistol grip

- Type of Gearbox        - Magazine

When we’ve received it at 0´20, we’ve been so amazed that we decided to dedicate it some pages and a review in the magazine’s next issue that will be released in April, so stay alert!