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Have you heard the rumors about the Striker security?

Have you heard the rumors about the Striker security? Amoeba members asked us to share this statement to put an end to rumors and to communicate all the complete and correct information. What do you think? Want to help sharing this? Thank you in advance!

Dear Valuable AMOEBA Customers, Fans, Distributors and Retailers,

Recently we found that there was a rumor online talking about AMOEBA Striker AS-01 safety issue in USA, we would like to explain it clearly.

As Striker had been released since Oct. 2016, and a lot of shipment were shipped to the worldwide market from last year. We had not received any special claim or complaint from our regional distributors about any safety issue.

Besides, we had set up the agreement with Umarex USA to authorize them as AMOEBA exclusive distributor, and prepared all the samples for their approval according to their regional regulation and requirements. As the result, most of AMOEBA models were approved and the shipment is in progress, except Striker AS-01 due to the requirement of ASTM. Our design and engineering team had done the change and modification of parts in order to satisfy ASTM requirements. We had submitted the improved sample to Umarex USA for testing and approval, the result will be released soon. And US version Striker will be released for USA market after approval.

For other regions (out of USA), the product was well tested and satisfied ARES/AMOEBA technical specification and quality standard as usual. If anyone doubt any technical issue, pls. contact the local retailers or distributors for solutions, or contact us via Facebook (AMOEBA AIRSOFT, https://www.facebook.com/AirsoftAmoeba/?fref=ts).

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards