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Military The Top 5 Best NEW Guns Of 2017

This article was originally published at amazingpal.tv

YouTube channel Honest Outlaw Reviews ranks the top 5 best guns of 2017. Not exactly 5 since he mentions some other guns on the end of the video, but that’s that.

Starting off with nr.5 the Kalashnikov AK Alpha, the reason it’s nr.5 is because it might or might not come out in 2017, it is an AK-47 with similar functions to the AR-15, it has a folding stock similar to an ACR.

At nr.4 is the Arsenal Stryk B, it’s a compact version of the original Arsenal Stryk one. Cutting it short we move on to nr.3, the Hudson H9 Pistol, nr.2 is the American Tactical Imports MP40 9mm Pistol, it’s basically a semi-automatic clone of the famous German MP40 from world war II coming with a 25 round 9mm magazine with a 9 inch long barrel weighing about 7 pounds.

Arsenal Stryk B

Hudson H9 Pistol


He moves on to the honorable mentions starting with the SIG P320, the M&P 2.0, the Colt Cobra and lastly the SilencerCo Maxim 9. And the one we’ve been waiting for, nr1. on his list is the CZ P10C.


What do you think about this list, could it have different firearms in it or is it good the way it is? Let us know!