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ZPeltor PTT Military Standard Version (Z 112)

Communication is a key element that cannot fail in the middle of a game. To be able to coordinate the attack of several teams, that the scout can warn to the rest of the squad of what he can see, or simply, to be able to receive orders from HQ is something basic in a game. For all those reasons, in addition to a good radio we need a PTT, a headset and accessories to help us carry them more easily.

ZPeltor PTT Military Standard Version (Z 112)

A replica of the 3M Peltor PTT, the actual manufacturer is well known among operators for its shell-shaped COMTAC I and II, or its modern horsehoe-shaped COMTAC IV version of which ZTAC also makes airsoft replicas.

The design is simple and functional. A large rubber button on the front makes it very easy to press: in the midst of battle, with fast rope gloves on... it's pretty much bullet-proof.

It has a clamp to hold the PTT in place, either to the vest or directly on the clothes. The clamp rotates 360º on its axis to be able to set it as we like. All this makes this system much more versatile than Velcro.

Unlike other PTTs, the radio cable is connected in parallel to the headset cable input. This may make us rethink how to route the headset and radio cables to and fro without bothering us.