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Velites is the range of shotguns by SECUTOR brand. It consists of 6 gas-powered models with the option to fire the BB's in groups of 3 or 6, representing in itself the essence of the "velites": the Roman skirmish troops who were in charge of starting the battle with their rain of javelins. And what is a shotgun player if not a skirmisher that storms into a room raining bullets?

New 0'20 Magazine is available!

Velites honours those warriors who ventured into the battlefield first, skirmishing and leading the way to their companions through enemy lines. Today, the new velites by Secutor new "clean" the narrow corridors of CQB.  It ‘s  up to you to fire 6 BB's and be able to say: “Secutor dicit, inimicus silet” ("When the Secutor speaks, the enemy is silenced")

Defying the Japanese giant

When testing the G·III model it’s impossible not to think of the Breacher by Tokyo Marui. Even more so when you look at the price. The Velites' model is priced around €170 (be aware though, this is the estimated price, it may vary by country and shop). And the Breacher TM shotgun would be the most similar one, adding the Angry Gun kit which replaces the gas tank in the pistol grip for a larger one in the stock tube (at around €200- 250 for just this part) the CTR stock1 itself and the new pistol grip2 go up to €600 €, tripling the price! And the price goes even higher if you add some cartridges3. The Velites G·VI and  G·VI XI include 6 cartridges as standard and 3 cartridges for the Velites G·III instead of 1. So you can start playing without the need to buy anything extra. The cartridges are the same as those used in spring shotguns, so you can use the old ones you may have at home.

A single gas load per game

The great autonomy of this range of gas shotguns has surprised us in all conditions in which we tested them:

-          G·XI model (magazine system), fired in January, indoor conditions (23 °C) fired 12 cartridges containing 30 BBs or a total of around 360 BBs1.

-          G·III model (stock system), fired in January, outdoor conditions (12 °C) fired 10 cartridges containing2 30 BBs or a total of around 300 BBs.

1 Estimated number of BBs, as you all know shotgun cartridges sometimes don't load all the 30 BBs correctly...

2 Gas was loaded on the spot to test the conditions that can be found in a game. Tip: force the load to the maximum to achieve greater autonomy.


Provided you are going to "base" your product on something that already exists the least that can be done is to correct the errors of other brands. Velites offers better sealed products and especially designed for the low European temperatures. They will perform perfectly during winter.

Breaking barriers

With an excellent performance too! For a better view on how the BBs fly, one of us was firing while the other posed as human target and told us how the BBs were hitting him. We hit the target up to 30 metres without difficulty, the way the BBs spread help to keep the target "locked". But we were surprised when the BBs kept hitting the target at a 40 meters range. Obviously the spread of the BBs meant that not all BBs impacted, but they did reach 40m!

Watch out! Highly attractive

Velites G·XI:

Firing a shotgun is often an intuitive action, and we don't really use the sights, so the fact that they are foldable will help us use them only when we need them. The convenience of having a removable gas tank in the stock will allow us to change it quickly with a loaded one if we don't want to stop in the middle of a game to replace it. It's all about not being unprotected for long.


Velites G·VI:

The upper RIS allows you to attach an Eotech and makes it look even more impressive. In addition, when adding a QD buckle on the front and one on the pistol grip, it will allows us to carry the gun with a two points strap and carry it on our back as a secondary weapon. By changing the tube stock it may slightly reduce gas capacity but it will be a lot more tacticool with this type of pistol grip and CTR-type stock, or any other you may want to attach! This allows you to use any M4 stock, do you have any spare ones at home? It will also work.

Velites G·III:

This model is the shortest of the range, making it more manoeuvrable, thus especially suitable for CQB. It's also lighter thanks to a shorter RIS, but more than enough to attach a scope. Despite being shorter, the gas tank is the same as the G·VI model, so you will have the same autonomy. Also, you can carry this model hanging on a strap thanks to the QD buckle, which rotates and will prevent the strap from pulling down when we change to the handgun (very common in CQB).


When we pull back the slide, inside the ejection port we find the selector switch with which we can change from 3 to 6 bb's per shot. With 3 bb's per shot we achieve greater distance and better performance from our gas charge but sometimes a 6 bb shot can get us out of many a tricky situation when cleaning a room.

The gas tank in the Velites G·XI is smaller than an M4 magazine and is protected by the recoil rubber pad during matches. In Velites G·VI and G·III the tank is not removable since it's the tube of the stock itself, but the stock protects the gas inlet to prevent any possible dirt leakages.

Just like the big players

Secutor, in its Velites range, has been inspired internally by Tokyo Marui's models, and the upper RIS that you see in the fixed stock model reminds us of G&P's. And yet, it improves both brands with this metallic range, with 3 to 6 BBs fire selector in the ejection port and a lot more autonomy, at a price range way lower than any of these other brands.  Finally there is a new shotgun option that can be used as a primary gun in CQB. Secutor dicit ...