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Quantum Mechanics ™ Quick Tactical Holster

“Concealed carry or concealed weapons refers to the practice of carrying a handgun or other weapon in public in a concealed or hidden manner, either on one's person or in close proximity.” – By Wikipedia. By law in many countries, concealed carry is required when carrying a handgun. After 3 years of research and development, a practical holster name “Quick Tactical Holster” is being made in 2017.

APS - Worldwide exclusive distributor of Quantum Mechanics ™  products except USA

In carrying a weapon, firearm conditions are primary a way to declare the readiness of the weapon commonly know as 5 conditions. (Condition 0, 1, 2, 3, 4). Condition 0 is the most “unsafe” as magazine is inserted, rounded in the chamber with safety off, hammer is back, which means the gun is ready to fire as long as you press the trigger.

When it comes to the “quick” features, our quick tactical holster is designed for condition 3 concealed carry because duty officer /user do not want to have round in the chamber when carrying the handgun. Practically when using our holster, there is a retention button, user can simply push the button forward, the holder will evert, then user can cock the gun by pushing it downward even with the gun still sit in the holster. After that, user can draw the gun out with the gun being cocked and round in the chamber. As you can see, all action can be done by one hand in quick. As you know, a second faster is no less important which may save your life in a shootout case.

On the other hand, when it comes to “tactical” features, a handgun that mounted with flashlight can still fit in our holster. Our tactical holster has a smart design that even your handgun is mounted with accessories, it can still fit in the holster. The holder has magnet installed, which minimize the chance of the gun being felt off from the holster by accident.

Beside the above features, there are optional accessories that come with the holster. For instance, extension device, belt loop (Molle Compatible), extension pad are optional accessories that could be personalized by the user needs.

To conclude, our holster is very practical in use. Fitting is easy and drawing out of the gun is fast and simple. The holster is made of military grade Polymer which is light and durable.  The price of our holster is affordable. We have full confidence about this quick tactical holster that could be widely accepted by user.