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FORGING Series Debut!

VFC Mark11 Mod 0 Features

VFC upholds the highest standards to build Mark11 Mod 0, and makes every effort to presenting every details of the rifle. In short, the real steel manufacturer how to make it, that’s VFC tries to make it in Airsoft.



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Over all: 1118 mm
Inner barrel: 485 mm
Weight: 3600 g
Bullet: 6 mm
Capacity: 20 rounds
Muzzle speed: 120 ± 5 m/sec

History of SR-25

The Mark 11 Mod 0 as we know the KAC SR-25 is a designated marksman rifle designed by Eugene Stoner, and manufactured by Knight's Armament Company. It is chambered for 7.62×51mm NATO.

The SR-25 combines the advantages of AR-10 and AR-15 type. It uses a rotating bolt and a direct impingement gas system based on Stoner’s AR-10, and up to 60% of parts of the SR-25 are interchangeable with the AR-15 / M16.

The SR-25 barrels were originally manufactured by Remington Arms, it used in M24 7.62mm sniper rifle. The handguard design is Free Floating Rail System. This kind of design is attached to the front of the receiver and do not touch the barrel, which allows the SR-25 become a highly accurate rifle.

The U.S. Navy took interest in the SR-25 because of its high magazine capacity and faster response speed. With some modifications(included a shorter 20 in (510mm) barrel and a KAC 11.35 in (288mm) RAS handguard with Mil-Std 1913 rail system) , USSOCOM adopted the SR-25 as the Mk 11 Mod 0.