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New Heckler & Koch HK233 and HK233K Rifles

This article was originally published at thefirearmblog.com by Eric B

Heckler & Koch (Germany) continuous to take us by surprise and release news like no other company.  They just upload a new rifle to the homepage and... tell no one. They seem to hate journalists too and make our life as hard as possible.

Just how long the HK233 and HK233K information has been online is unknown. It could be weeks, days or seconds. If you know when HK launched these rifles please share in the comments section below.

The good news is that The Firearm Blog seem to be the first ones to report about the HK 233 and HK 233K. Google is quiet apart from HKs own homepage. I have checked with several of my sources and they have never heard of either of these models.

The “K” most likely stands for “Kurz” which means short. With a barrel of 12.5″ it is quite shorter than the normal 233 at 18.9″.

The operating principle is described as “gas-operated”. This leads to think that the HK 233 might be direct impingement, but I am sure they are short stroke piston.

The HK 233 shares a lot of its looks with the HK243 S SAR (or TAR) Semi Automatic Rifle, Sporter Basic Variant for the civilian market.