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perception (feminine): The process of perceiving something with the senses.

There isn't much to add to the importance of the first impression that you already know. Probably nothing at all, so we grabbed this APS gun as soon as we arrived at the office and went straight to play with it (cool job, uh?). When we came back we sat in front of the computer (it's not playtime all the time) to try to convey our feelings. But what you are about to read is only an approximation, as there is only one way to experience it; get a hold of one and go play, it's insanely cool!

1.      SIGHT

Your eyes will set right away on the metal slide made of CNC, which is not surprising given the bright red colour standing out over black matte. When taking a closer look, you will find optical fibre sights in two colours (very useful for aiming in dim light) or the new slide cover in red with the model logo (a merely aesthetic feature that makes it even cooler, which is something true airsofters love).

2.      TOUCH

The stippling ensures the gun is secured in our hand, even if we take the finger off the trigger (trigger discipline comes first!) it can be still firmly held. It will stay in place even if we are left-handed. A completely handmade process made gun by gun in the APS factory. More details? Oversized magazine and slide release, flashlight RIS under the barrel... shall we carry on?

3.      SMELL

The particular smell when firing is something we will only feel with GBB's, whether shooting with (270 FPS) or CO2 (340 FPS, both carrying 0'20gr bbs). The CO2 follows APS' patented system which fully uses the load. Although in both cases the bbs capacity is 22+1, it depends on the fire rate (the higher it is, the cooler the magazine and the lower the efficiency of the gas/CO2) to be able to say how many bbs we can fire with a single load.

4.      HEARING

The firing action in this model is greatly influenced by APS' straight trigger. It still carries the embedded safety switch, but thanks to the absence of a traditionally curved trigger, trigger travel is shorter, enabling a more instinctive shot. Details such as a narrower magazine to provide less friction or the magwell (the plastic part at the bottom of the magazine) enables faster reloading, ideal for competition shooting or... not being eliminated while reloading!

5.      TASTE

The taste this gun leaves us with follows the trail of its APS predecessors. Its materials and finish details are outstanding and unparalleled. Although we may not have the same taste as the designers, we must congratulate the engineers for its performance. APS has managed to perfectly solve the generalised slide-body friction issue affecting almost all Glocks, and this model has no such issue at all.