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The speed of the game increases, your senses are sharpened, adrenaline overflows... CQB matches are probably the most demanding game mode for an airsofter.



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Differences between players are reduced and the highest concentration levels are demanded from each player to survive. As long as you are not looking to get hit. Do you know what "sarcasm" means? Read and think:

5. The more the merrier.

Helmet with all sorts of accessories on all the rises, vests with a fully loaded molle with pouches full of things that you don't need but that you have to carry just in case, for example, it starts raining during an indoor CQB game.  Being comfortable and light can make you faster and more agile, you will tire less and will offer a lower profile to the enemy, but none of this is useful if your goal is: to get hit.

6. Stick the tip out.

Placing the replica in a window or a wall is the best way to give away your position. You won't be taking your enemy by surprise from your sheltered position plus you will give them the chance to take you out with a treacherous shot. Always shoot from inside a room or a shaded area, it will help you stay hidden from enemy eyes and if you are fast you can make the best of it.

7. Don't look back.

Living in the past can't be good for you, and controlling the rear to avoid those unwary enemies who may have managed to flank you without you noticing is unnecessary if you are looking to get hit. Having an eye always covering your "six", can help you survive many "surprises".

8. Stand up.

Shooting in prone position or even lying down may offer a smaller target for the enemy to shoot at. And it is also true that we tend to look for targets at eye level and it is harder to find them when they are down below. But if you stand, you will not have to get up again, you will already have been hit! And hey, who likes moving too much anyway.

Now you have no excuse. You either go for it or you don't, the choice is yours to make, although you have already been warned. See you behind the next door and may a 6mm ball decide the future.