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WHEN LESS IS MORE: Helikon-Tex Delta Tactical Jacket

There is a key principle that governs operator's choices: "less is more". This is something that can be applied to many situations, for example, due to the nature of current conflicts, "using less camouflage is more effective to go unnoticed" or "carrying less unnecessary weight provides more manoeuvrability and effectiveness when it’s time for action." It is not a written law, rather the voice of experience passed down from one operator to another which sometimes reaches the ears of people like Helikon-Tex, who takes advantage of it to create this:

Helikon-Tex Delta Tactical Jacket

This soft shell is the perfect answer for cold action mornings. A lightweight garment (just 680 g and so compact that it can be stored in a utility pouch), but that will shelter us with its two layers "Shark Skin" coated with DuPont Teflon.

This allows us to keep dry –as the outer fabric is hydrophobic– and warm thanks to the velvety fabric of the back while it enables breathability, which is key when you start to run, since the mesh fabric of the inside of the pockets (3 inside and 5 outside pockets) helps wick away excess heat.

For all the above, this garment is a perfect example of the layer system (as that created by the US Army in the '80s) that will allow you to wear this jacket as an outer garment or under a larger coat, depending on the weather and intensity of the activity that you are going to carry out (a CQB is not the same as a 48 hours open air MilSim).

Besides, it incorporates details that will increase comfort like the inside lining of the neck 1 to avoid friction, or the closures in the sleeves 2 and the waist 3 to preserve heat. Not to forget other details common to this brand like the zipper pulls 4 to be able to pull them up or down comfortably without having to remove the gloves or the flap at the end of the main zipper 5 that will prevent our tactical beard from getting stuck in it ;)

Available Colours:
Black, Olive Green, Coyote, Foliage Green, Jungle Green.

This gear allows us to increase the loading possibilities of our equipment, but remember that does not mean that we have to fill everything to the max. We will make a better use of these products by carrying only what we need, so we can take advantage of other features such as the comfort, elasticity or breathability of these items designed to make operators' work easier. Remember, "less is more".