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WHEN LESS IS MORE: Helikon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants


There is a key principle that governs operator's choices: "less is more". This is something that can be applied to many situations, for example, due to the nature of current conflicts, "using less camouflage is more effective to go unnoticed" or "carrying less unnecessary weight provides more manoeuvrability and effectiveness when it’s time for action." It is not a written law, rather the voice of experience passed down from one operator to another which sometimes reaches the ears of people like Helikon-Tex, who takes advantage of it to create this:

Helikon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants

Helikon-Tex Urban Line is characterised by "casual" designs that go unnoticed in an urban environment (where many conflicts occur today) while offering the highest performance. In fact, the two models of this session can be found mostly in solid colours although there is also a camouflage version.

The Urban Tactical Pants (in any of its three versions) have a high storage capacity thanks to its twelve pockets arranged in such a way that items stay in place inside and the whole load is close to the centre of gravity of the body so that they are more comfortable to wear. An example of this are the two pockets in the front of the thighs where we can carry two magazines (the M4's fit without problems) and will remain fully secured until we need them. Or the easy-access rear pockets we can use for empty magazines.

The elastic fabric makes them very comfortable especially when crouching, jumping, or any tactical movement that requires flexibility from the garment. A key feature for incognito missions that have to be carried out by today's operators.

This gear allows us to increase the loading possibilities of our equipment, but remember that does not mean that we have to fill everything to the max. We will make a better use of these products by carrying only what we need, so we can take advantage of other features such as the comfort, elasticity or breathability of these items designed to make operators' work easier. Remember, "less is more".