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The Delta Force was born as an elite special operations unit created to solve the problems of its predecessors and learn from their mistakes. The Nuprol Delta series is also born of the experience of veteran players who have done everything in their power for these replicas to satisfy the tastes and possibilities of most airsofters. Which one would you pick?


The version two gearbox is the one we are used to seeing inside an M4 replica and yet this one has been a surprise in many ways:

1. Quick spring change.

It allows us to change the spring without having to open the gearbox so we can save time, mechanic hours and simplicity. However, since the stock tube is bolted to the spring rail in the gearbox, it requires more disassembly steps than other more purely modular models.

2. Gearbox open at the front.

This opening is necessary to be able to accommodate the interesting fire mechanism set mounted inside, which resembles an M60 than the typical M4. The opening does not impact performance in any way and the firing mechanism is a great alternative to try.

3. Pneumatic set

The spring rail has the metallic head and the polymer tube with a metal washer that helps the torque of the spring, M100 type, to obtain the 340 FPS under chronometer measures with 0.20 g BBs. The piston has a full metal zipper and polymer head which reduces the damage caused by the rattle when it hits the cylinder head, also made of polymer. A set designed with two purposes: performance and durability.

4. Motor, gears and action.

The HiTorque motor easily moves the gears, but, trying to make it more efficient, they have mounted a 7 mm bearing in the engine gear and have left 7 mm caps also for the other two looking for less friction in the turn, and a better fire-rate.

Velocity: 340 FPS
Power source: AEG
Blowback: No
Boltcach: Functional
Gearbox: Version 2 (reinforced)
Inside diameter: 6’03
Recommended battery: LiPo 7.4v

There are no loose ends, and there never can be if you wish to remain part of the elite. And so Nuprol enters the replica's market with this series with shorter or longer models, made of nylon fibre or metal CNC, with RIS or KeyMod systems, more affordable or more demanding... but with the same level of quality than other branded products that you have probably already tested. Which I'm sure they didn't disappoint you, right? Then wait and try these M4.