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Secutor, the brand of the operator wielding a sword. We were already impressed by the Rudis series (1911 style), and even before the waters are calm they come back with this Gladius series. The sword is called "gladius", the weapon for which the "secutor" (also translated as "hunter") one of the most famous gladiators, was so feared in short distances. Nowadays, this gun takes its place among the warriors who venture into CQB short distances. She is the new Gladius, will you be the new Secutor?

The body of the gladiator

It is made of military grade polyfibre. What does this mean? It means it follows the hardness standards of a real pistol. And it is coated with stippling*, a microchemistry process carried out manually on each model, dot by dot, (as the one we have seen many special forces operators make in their pistols) which not only provides a more tactical look, but increases the grip when holding it and firing it. It can also be found in the magazine, which together with the resized controls to release the slide and the magazine, allows for more speed in these actions.

* The stippling extends to the front of the body, where the finger is naturally placed on the rest position. And in the front of the trigger guard, where in certain shouldering techniques the index finger of the support hand rests. Also, the bottom of the trigger guard has been manually filed and finished with stippling to improve the grip for those with large hands or when wearing gloves.

Fear the precision of the Gladius!

The slides are made of CNC aluminium and have been lightened, which increases the sensation of the blowback in each shot since there is less weight to stop the motion. The outer barrel made of zinc alloy is topped by a threaded adapter (14mm +) to attach a silencer or muzzle. And it houses a 6.03 m precision inner barrel, of 100 mm and stainless steel. A key aspect in its favour is that it comes included, as it prevents the extra cost that would involve buying a precision barrel plus the cost of installation by a mechanic. So you can save what? Around € 30? We do like that it comes included.

Designed not to miss

The two holes in the back allow us to attach a RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) or similar item without having to resort to RIS rails or external platforms, which would increase the profile of the gun. Many shooters carry a rugged surface instead to assist them in gripping when loading the gun.

Ready for anything

Something new in the design of the slide are the two slots to attach the rear sight. It allows adjusting it laterally in a realistic way, something unthinkable in models from other brands since the screw that secures the sights is the one that secures the assembly of the nozzle to the slide. We can also attach it in the classic backward position or forward if we have the sights on or if we don't want to touch it when pulling the slide.

For any condition

The nozzle is manufactured in "Aggrandize Plastic" a type of plastic compound of extreme toughness. It also has a piece of reinforced metal in it, all to ensure its correct operation with such a powerful blowback. In the same vein of the magazine (22 + 1 BBs) it has a reinforced valve and O-ring to better withstand the CO2 power in each shot. Which provides about 300-320 FPS with 0.20 g. BBs.


Secutor is a brand that already took many players by surprise with its Rudis series, and it is ready to surprise the airsoft community even more with this Gladius series. But they have been warning us for a long time now... "Secutor dicit, inimicus silet" (when the Secutor speaks, the enemies falls silent). So in the end, it all comes to this: are you one of those who speaks or those who fall silent?