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You have been warned. You either run faster than the BB or you will simply be eliminated. It's that simple. ICS has prepared the MARS as an evolution of its legendary CXP series, little more can be asked internally and externally, it is designed for marksmen, and its operation... well, that depends more on your aim and how fast your target runs.

Ensuring a better grip

The handguard is lowered in its central part by its four sides, from the RIS extrusion to the KeyMod. Something that enables a better grip as it is narrower, making it easier to find the position of the support hand, almost working as a finger stop.

From RIS to KeyMod and back to RIS

On the sides and the bottom of the handguard you can find RIS plates to attach to the KeyMod and be able to use your usual accessories. Although the handguard will not be so narrow, as this RIS protrudes slightly sideways from the replica.

Lefties welcome

Both the fire selector as well as magazine release on this replica are ambidextrous. Airsoft lefties, this replica is for you. And if you are right handed think about the advantages of being able to turn a corner with either hand... Besides these controls are in tune with the rest of the replica providing a renewed and more modern look.

The traits of a marksman

The straight trigger that many shooters use to reduce finger travel on each shot; an expanded trigger guard so you can use gloves when shooting; a more ergonomic pistol grip than previous CXP series ones (although it may be too thick if you have small hands); and the sights with which we can aim whether they are deployed as folded (in this case they closely resemble those of handguns) are typical traits of a rifle customised by a professional marksman.

From a fine stock to another

The short model of this MARS has an own-designed stock with some MOE features, adjustable in five positions. It actually has six, but ICS has mounted a rubber on the tube to lock the position as the stock tube is longer and then it would interfere with the recoil pad. However, the longer model mounts a different design that reminds us to the HK416, with four positions, the fifth being out of the tube.