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Handheld Minigun vs Ballistics Gel

This article was originally published at Gun-hub.com

The XM214 was a prototype of a rotatry machine gun in 5.56 mm cal. It was designed and built by General Electric, but never entered mass production. Also known as Microgun, the XM214 was a scaled down version of the M134 “minigun”, firing the M63 ammunition.

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The XM214 was at first developed for aeronautical use. Later General Electric developed it in a portable weapon system, known as the GE Six-Pak. The complete Six-Pak system weighed 38.5 kg with 1,000 cartridges, comparable in weight to some heavy machine guns. The basic weapon in the Six-Pak weighed 12.2 kg. The system could be transported by a team of two soldiers and mounted on an M122 tripod or in a vehicle. Have you ever seen a handheld minigun like this? What do you think of this beast ? Leave your comment below the video.