A lot of players who are now reading this article feel real admiration towards the unit in which you have served, to the extent that many players try and recreate the kit these operators have been seen to be wearing in photos, what do you feel when you see this "homage" or respect from all these people who don't know you but appreciate what you've done? I’ve always been into my kit and equipment and why I have chosen it for the mission or work at hand, so if guys understand why they are choosing kit and why it is used as it is, then it’s cool and I can respect it. It’s good to understand why guys have different load outs, and learn from trial and error when using them. If the players use realistic kit weights, then they can realise how hard it is for real time operators on ops. So learning that and respecting operators by feeling how hard it is to work and operate for months on end, in high threat, life and death situations, day and night in exhausting conditions is good. I’ve helped guys with kit choices and answered many questions in this respect, for example a lot of the Stirling team. Video games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, have tried to depict the SAS and bring them nearer to the general public with characters such as Captain Price. Do you think this is something that helps people understand what you do and win them over or do you think it just distorts reality? A video game is not reality, and a game can’t recreate how testing conditions are, when you’re drained and exhausted but can’t let the team down and you have to get the job done, no matter what. Milsim is the closest you can come to it, when done over a long training event and adding in as many testing scenarios and in various environments. Try out Stirling Airsoft and you will come close to that realism, and you can enjoy the adrenaline whilst being safe and having fun.