Chest-vest holster . Drawing from the waist inside a vehicle is extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, soldiers began to carry their side arms at chest level on their vests. Will you play while riding in a vehicle? . Carrying the holster on the chest allows us to have the gun pointed from the moment we draw it, making our reaction time to enemy contact faster. . By hanging our AEG from the belt, the gun is located above the holster, so we must move our replica to one side to avoid interfering with the quick drawing of the gun. Make sure to keep this is in mind; it is necessary to practice or it will surely get tangled up. . It allows drawing it easily while crouching, although it is true that it is not so comfortable while lying down and it might get embedded in the chest while crawling. If you tend to lie down, it may not be the best option. Armpit holster . When drawing it leaves the gun at chest height so you can react very quickly. . However, it moves around a great deal while playing so it can be uncomfortable when running or jumping. . This holster is not designed to go together with a plate carrier or chest rig, which forces us to choose between our gun and vest. . To help offset the burden of the gun, we can carry up to two extra clips under the other arm, while we free up space from our first line.