Waist holster . It saves us time while drawing as our hands are always are near the gun while relaxed, which compensates for the time it will take us to shoulder it. . Based on our experience, this is the position in which the holster will bother us less while running, jumping or crawling during a game. . If we carry the vest very low or full of pouches on the sides, drawing vertically will be a difficult task, forcing us to change the inclination of the holster. . We must carry a good quality belt or first line to prevent the weight of the gun and our own motion from pulling down our trousers. Thigh holster . When our arms are relaxed the hand rests on the gun, making it the most natural position. . Depending on each leg may it move, jump around or turn while running. Therefore we recommend trying it out before taking it to an event. . Carrying on our thigh allows us to maximise the burden of our vest and our first line (or even do without it). . The gun is more exposed to getting tangled up and blows that may cause us to lose the magazine or the gun itself.