· This replica of the Nexus U94 by TEA is made of reinforced nylon, weighs only 120 g and is pretty much the same size as its predecessor, the Z113. · It has two buttons, one integrated into the PTT and a smaller one to carry it on the thumb. This forces us to go through the inconvenience of having to feed the cable through our sleeve so that it doesn't get tangled. · The headset connector is of military style and compatible with all Z-Tactical connectors. · For connecting it to the walkie talkie there are models for the most common types used, even for mobile phones. · The metal clamp is reversible and can change the direction of PTT. · This is another replica of TEA's PTT, this time of the H20 G-Switch in lever version (TEA has a button version). · Although the real one is water resistant to 20 meters, we do not recommend that you try it even with ZTAC's. · It is a compact PTT whose headset connection is located next to the switch so that it is protects against bumps and tangles that may accidentally open communications. · It has connections for Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu and Midland devices.