· This is a dual PTT, that is, with this PTT we manage two radios at once thus being able to switch the channel on which we broadcast (team/control). · One of the model's radio must be a Kenwood type radio and does not include cables to connect them to the radios (ZTac has cables for most walkie talkies in the market). · The PTT uses a CR123A battery to operate, for example, volume control or the dual mode, but without the battery we can still use it as a simple PTT. · It includes a metal clip to hold the PTT to the vest. · It is one of the few PTT by ZTAC in which the logo of the actual manufacturer is displayed, in this case; Tactical Command Industries (TCI). · With a similar operation to the Z118, it allows us to combine two radios with a single PTT. Each side button opens communication channels with each of the radios. · Unlike the Z118, it does not need a power supply, so we can save on the batteries, but the volume control function is not available. · This model requires the cable for the types of radio we are going to use (available connections: Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Midland).