You are one of the most respected ideas men and photographers throughout Asia in our industry, and why not say it, by the whole team at 0'20. In addition you have been working for a long time in one of the companies which pays more attention to design, so we wanted to ask you... Beautiful girls and guns, why do you think this is a combination that people like so much? And you too! We also know that you like them ... (laughs) It's difficult not fall for the beauties, and most airsofters are men, so it’s normal to want to see pretty and attractive hot babes wear little while carrying guns, I guess it’s human nature! (Laughs) But, in fact, I rarely use girls to model guns, if we count the percentage, most of time it’s male airsofters chosen to be our VFC gun model! I have no idea why there is this misunderstanding. As I like beauties this is an issue, I can only say one of my personal goals is to achieve over thousands of photo sessions with beauties. (fist). Do you think that veterans can tell when the girl is a model or a player? For example, in recent sessions with models, besides being amazing, you can see that they know how to shoot and hold a gun? Some people carry a gun with correct posture and look super cool, while others have sXXt pose, If I choose the models that carries gun unprofessionally and use them for VFC promotion photos, I think the majority of VFC fans will use VFC gun to shoot me till I die. Isn’t it ? Of course, most of male models we have chosen are senior airsoft players or tactical shooters, so we should not have this problem; Before photographing female models, I will try to ask them to learn the correct basic position of how to use a gun, or even ask professional coaches to teach them how to use it correctly. But ... are all people going to focus on the gun pose ? (laughs)