Saying you're the Sales Manager at VFC is an understatement taking account all the years you have been in the company. There are many things we could say but there is not much time, by way of example we will just say that you are one of the first VFC employees. So there is no one better than you to talk about this. The fact that, as directors of the company, you play airsoft, do you think it helps you to better understand players in order to offer them something that suits their needs? YES !! As we knew, VFC started the first business with the Realistic replica, like the SOCCOM silencer, KAC armament MWS and some other grenade cartridges. All because none of the replicas in the market were as realistic as possible during that time, so the VFC started the first step on this as all airsofters wants to have something realistic. In Taiwan, due to the regulation and the law, you are not allowed to own a firearm, so we want the TOY that we have to be as realistic as possible. The dimension, the character engraving, even the material to complete the toy is more than an art piece. We can tell by the VFC products rocking the market and have some manufactures starting to follow us. Once the completed rifles were starting to be produced, the high quality for the replica is not an option, because we all need a functional art piece. No one wants to start on the field with a few mag shooting and rifles are damaged.