From the M82 or AKS74 UN you have launched many models, which do you think has been the model that best represented VFC? And right now, what is the best-selling model from your catalogue worldwide? I would say that different products would represent VFC through different time periods. More than 10 years ago, the fantastic silencer and KAC MWS replica were well-known and was made by GB-TECH(the Former VFC) Don't even mention the first 8mm Steel Barrett M82 A1 sniper rifle, full steel AKS-74UN and AK-series AEG. Few years later, comes with the HK-416D, M60E3, then the FN Scar-L, Scar-H, WWII Browning Automatic Rifle BAR, Colt Mk18 Mod0 and so on, each has its own place on the VFC production history. VFC also can adjust the product to fit different regulation requirement to different markets in order to satisfy the need of the airsoft players.