When you enter the TBOC you are not given a beard, but a patch as a insignia so that you take it with you wherever you go. This patch is given to regular members who have beards. As they say: a beard makes you respectable and your enemies will fear you. But since mid-2015, being accepted is not enough to carry it. You must undergo 6 months trial, unable to wear any TBOC items before you can show off your insignia. Although you can see many airsofters wearing this patch, the truth is that ours is not an activity that this group is willing to accept in its midst (at least for now). It doesn't matter if you are ninjas or martial arts masters, if you don't use firearms this club is not for you (just so you know, they do accept pirates, but they have to show that they can shoot black powder guns...). However, many players do carry it as a sign of respectful tribute to these bearded warriors.