CONFIGURATION According to the laws of each country, RWA may include a NPAS valve to adjust the power of the model. This small piece is housed inside the nozzle of the gun and allows a greater or lesser amount of CO2 which propels the ball through, so this helps regulate the exit velocity of the projectile and makes it suitable for all fields. TRIGGERS AND HAMMERS If there are two items that specifically characterise and differentiate this model, these are the trigger and the hammer. Both lightened, a feature of competition models such as those manufactured by SPS, whose aim is to make the shot as fast as possible. POWER The model is powered by a CO2 magazine (14 bbs), generating a greater recoil feeling with each shot. To soften the impact, the outer barrel carries a spring around it. This slows down the movement of the slide as it recoils during each shot. Besides, the recoil spring rail has a washer that favours the torsion of the spring, extending the useful life of our gun.