AOne of the things that brought you to record sniper videos in airsoft games were famous videos of Vavann, the French youtuber, one of the pioneers of videos of this type. Do you think that your videos can inspire other players in a similar way? I hope that it's inspiring more and more people to record and publish airsoft videos. But my major goal with the videos is to motivate people to join the sport and to increase the airsoft community. Besides being a veteran airsoft player who served in the Austrian army, how much could you say your professional preparation helped you complement your style at playing airsoft? Many elements of the sniper training at the Austrian military come in handy when playing airsoft, especially at milsim games. Camouflage and stealth moving techniques, Orientation on the field, just to name a few. But there are also a lot of things which don't apply to bbwars. In the military it's survive no matter what, even if it's necessary to hide for days in the same spot. As an airsofter you should always have in mind that the respawn is usually just a few minutes away. To help your team you really have to push even if that increases the chance of getting hit.