It's quite common that many players don't take it well when they appear in videos making mistakes, cheating or being eliminated. Have you had any problems of this kind? I've never had any issues with that. People usually enjoy to see themselves in one of my videos even when they get shot. Of course exposed cheat’s don't. But I only expose cheat’s on the internet if I'm a 100% sure that they were aware that they cheated. Sometimes people just don't feel a hit form a single sniper BB. Once you call someone a cheat in a video this person might never be able to join a game again, so I'm very careful with cheater videos. Many discussions between snipers are about the best barrel manufacturer or most efficient setting of inner parts. Not stepping too deep into technicalities, tell us: What is the best weight for BBs (0,30g, 0,35g, 0,40g...) and how much does it affect the effectiveness of a sniper? The answer to the inner parts questions would be beyond the scope of this interview. When it comes the BBs I recommend at least 0,4g for every sniper over 450 fps @0.2g BBs