You have been in the US playing with known American airsofters. Do you recommend a specific experience over there? Have you experienced any difference with their way of playing the game? The biggest difference between the games in Europe and the games in America is the age difference of the player’s. I felt kinda uncomfortable to shoot 12 year old kids. But I quickly figured that those kids have a lot of fun playing airsoft, are really tough and no different from any other player. For a sniper like you: how was the experience of playing in a subway game (Direct Action)? It's not often seen in European games. This mission blew my mind. The whole tunnel system was above the ground in containers but as soon as a player enters this area he will feel like he is in the real environment. This was by far the most immersive experience I've had so far in my airsoft life. You started off with videos, also we can check you out in Instagram and now you even have launched merchandising. Are we before the next Instructor Zero of airsoft? My main focus is still on the youtube videos and social media but I've got lots of other plans like advancing my sniper training at the Austrian military, releasing sniper video guides and products like pre-upgraded sniper rifles, combat gear and heavyweight sniper BBs. _ We like your plans, how about we leave another interview for another time? In the meantime we will follow your videos and hope we don’t get caught in the cross hairs of your sight. _