We know you've exchanged bbs with a few players now, both in the UK and in Spain, whilst working with Stirling Airsoft. How do players react when they realise they're playing with a SAS operative? The guys are really good and get on with the training. They work hard and listen and learn from my own and others’ experiences. You have different levels of players and likes, so guys with an interest in milsim tend to like my skill set for a more realistic play. Everyone is great and they respect what myself and others have achieved and been through. This then adds to their gameplay, by adding in certain aspects to training evolutions The differences between real combat and airsoft are clear but, do you find your past experiences can be useful to airsofters? Yes I think past experiences are useful to airsofters if they want realistic game play and learning. There is a lot to learn from military training that can add to the milsim experience. And yes, you have a variety of students, some keener than others and some far more receptive to my own and other colleagues’ depth of knowledge from being at war for so many years. In general the guys are great and relaxed and we have always had good training and game weekends.