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The Guardian Chest Rig is the newest vest by Helikon-tex that we analyse after the successful Training Mini Rig, the other vest launched a few months ago and which we were the first to try in Europe. The Guardian Chest Rig is a more configurable vest, with greater load capacity and with all the usual bells and whistles by Helikon. The new chest rig that has just been launched to the market made us at 0’20 wonder, is this a new generation of vests? But after trying the Helikon Guardian, we no longer have any doubts.


We could say that this chest rig has a three-line configuration. The top one1, consisting of three inside spaces with Velcro to be able to insert different types of pouches. The front2, consisting of the cargo pouches and the double pouches for rifle magazines. And a third line3 that we can attach to the molle line, allowing to carry a great variety of pouches: sanitary, administrative, rifle or grenade magazines, as we have seen in photos of operators.

A detail that we liked is the Velcro at the end of the straps, which allows us to roll the excess part and prevent it from hanging loose and getting tangled or hooked while we use it. In addition, it makes it easier to run as we can adjust it ourselves by putting on or taking off warm clothes, making it easy at all times to hold in place while we run, jump or crawl.

The fastening system of this chest rig consists of two straps and a belt that goes around the waist from the bottom. The straps are coupled with two female clips on the top, (which are covered so that they don’t get in the way or prevent them from accidentally hanging loose) on the top, and two male clips on the sides. This will allow us to carry it as chest rig or mount it on a plate carrier. Having the same pouches configuration but in a lighter or more complete version, everything the way we like it.

Unlike the TMR's straps that went across the back like an "H" (that is to say that each strap surrounded the arm and was linked to the other by a strip in the back), these straps are X-shaped, so the straps come out from the shoulders and go across the back creating an “X” shape. It provides full fastening support, with the straps staying tight. 

But it also places more load in the lower part of the neck and the straps can rub on the sides of the neck, although this can be solved by wearing a high collar T-shirt. The straps have horizontal belts that can be used to attach accessories such as a VIP IR flashlight, placing the cabling of the headset so that it does not get in the way or securing the camelback tube in place.


The central part of the chest rig consists of three double pouches for rifle magazines. Thanks to their width it will fit M4, AK47, AK74, M14 and even G36 magazines. But because of its height, all (except AK’s) will go in so deep that it will be difficult to get them out, not to mention that the "jugs" of the G36 can get stuck in a fast reload.

1  Each pouch has an internal fixed separator that will prevent the other from moving around inside when pulling out a magazine. 

2  It has a string system that can be tightened or loosened to better adjust the pouch to the width of the magazine.

 The flaps are adjustable in height, to keep the magazines as secure as possible.

4  On the front part, the pouches carry MOLLE lines to be able to fit more pouches or accessories.



There are two cargo pouches on the side which are wider, shorter and spacious to be able to carry a medical kit, BBs, spare glasses... or whatever we need. Its closure consists of a mixed Velcro (with a cover in case we don’t use it) and clip system. We have to be careful and adjust the strap of the clip properly because otherwise we run the risk of dropping its contents.

1  On the flaps there is a square space for ID or "morale patches".

2  At the front we can attach more pouches thanks to the MOLLE but we have to be careful since they are not perfectly aligned with the other pouches.

3 It has MOLLE / PAL lines in the lower part so that we can attach accessories like a CAT tourniquet, flanges, carabiners etc.



Like its predecessor, the TMR, this chest rig has inside pockets with Velcro so that we can change the pouches they contain. It comes with three different types as standard so we can rearrange them to our liking.


This pouch with a rubber closure is located in the middle, between the two straps. So we can use these two magazines for quick reloads in the midst of battle.


This pouch is adjustable and can carry most handguns, if we release the lower closure we could even carry them with flashlights or laser sights. The rubber closure is more than enough to hold the gun but a little dangerous for 1911 as it tends to remove the slide stop and press directly on the one on the grip.


This pouch can contain two 9 mm type magazines although, thanks to the rubber closure, if we put .45 mm type magazines and we wear the chest rig tightly adjusted, they will stay in place. We can also carry speed loaders, multi-tools or flashlights.

The two lateral spaces have a mesh fabric inside that helps drain water in case of heavy rain or if we have to go underwater. In addition, the three front magazine pouches also have a drain hole for this purpose.

Helikon, like a true chameleon, delves into the unknown, listens to the needs of the market and manages to offer products of the highest quality. Designed based on the experience of renowned shooters, it offers airsofters the opportunity to enjoy all that knowledge. Test it and you will see how not a single detail has been left to chance. And what we liked most about this chest rig is that it still gives us room to adapt it to our needs and personal taste. Because, for the ultimate performance in field, you have to be able to fully trust your equipment and focus exclusively on your goal.