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Review: HFC HG-172z

"Rise from the ashes" is the slogan of HFC Airsoft (Honor Fantastic Classic). This Taiwanese manufacturer has a Phoenix as its logo, the mythical bird of fire that obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Something very appropriate now that we see a solid return by this brand, either with its famous drum pistol magazine, or now with this HG-17X pistols series.


The M1911 already has more than a century of history, and yet, as we can see in this model, it still offers new customisation options to make them look different. For the rest, we find all the main points for which this model stands out: safety latch in the grip so that it does not go off unless we grip it, thumb safety on the slide so that it does not go off once cocked, extended grip-adaptor to prevent pinching your hand with the slide’s motion.


This range of pistols includes four models: the tan we already have; another green model, an idea that we have always liked; another completely black, more classic; and finally the dual tone (black body and silver slide). They come with conventional grips so that the green coating can be replaced whenever we like and then have two configurations: a classic and an alternative one. Although in the first case we will lose the lower rail to attach a flashlight or a laser sight. 

Gas or co2

Although there are lovers and haters, we opted for CO2 because it is not as restricted against weather conditions. Despite this, HFC offers both magazines so that each player may use the one that he or she wants. We have tested the gun with both and this is the performance data:

Shooting tests 

22.5 ºC, green gas/ CO2, 0.20g bbs

Gas magazine 

      Medium power: 286 FPS

      Shooting  by  gas load: 27

CO2 magazine 

     Medium power: 310 FPS 

     Shooting by gas load: 53


The design of the slide is somewhat shorter than that of the classic 1911, which impacts the measurement of the internal barrel (97 mm). Being more compact, it is more comfortable to aim with and is obviously lighter. The only downside is that by wearing the green grips there can be compatibility issues with some rigid holsters.


We really liked the size because being as compact as a P226 means it is very manoeuvrable. When shooting with it, you barely have to touch the hop-up to achieve a tense shot which ensures great reliability when playing in CQB. Although we will have to opt for one of two options at this point:

A) A realistic feeling. The CO2 magazine offers a very powerful blowback, something we like. While it is better not to fire in very fast "bursts" since the magazine cools down too much and considerably reduces its efficiency.

B) More control. The gas magazine moves the slide more smoothly so that we have more control over replica gun and we can better group the shots in a quick fire set. Although it will be better to use it in temperatures of at least 20 ºC.


With this replica, HFC Airsoft shows us that it is possible to reinvent oneself. Even a 1911 can surprise us and offer something new and interesting. The HG-172z is a handgun that with its novel redesign opens the doors to revisions of other replica guns, but which, at the same time, offers us a side arm with which to properly defend ourselves in the battlefield.