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Nuprol’s Delta series comprises a fairly complete range of M4 replicas to choose the one that best suits you depending on the way you play or the fields you go to. In this case we have chosen two rather opposing models: one is compact, perfect for CQB, and the other has a longer barrel, more suitable for open field scenarios. In any case, these represent a different option within the conventional M4 we are used to.

Nuprol Delta 

Freedom Fighter 

This model was designed with CQB in mind, with a length of just 54 cm (OK, 66 if you extend the stock) so it is similar to an MP5. Its 2.7 kg also make it lighter than the average M4, which normally exceeds 3 kg. And all this despite the fact that it is a metallic replica gun, and of good quality. So that you get an idea, the receiver is made of CNC aluminium with a QPQ (Quench Polish Quench) finish, which will increase its durability.

The weight is very well distributed, making it possible to shoulder it with only one hand if you need to jump over an obstacle, make a transition or any other normal CQB action. 

The stock is minimalist in design, although it is comfortable to shoulder and can be adjusted in 6 different positions. The space for the battery pack is also reduced, although there are 11 cm in which to place a battery as the "NP Power 1100mAh 7.4v 20C stick".


The handguard leaves the sides free (or almost, there are still two mini RIS to attach a flashlight) and it offers a continuous RIS at the top, and RIS also at the bottom where you can mount the folding grip included in the replica. This grip provides the replica great manoeuvrability once you start playing, which allows you to gain a lot of speed when changing targets.

Among other details, the "Bocca Copperhead Loudner" (14 mm CCW) muzzle stands out, which generates a special sound on the replica. It reminds us of Noveske's KX5 Pig, but since it is "buried" in the handguard it goes completely unnoticed. Or the ring holder in which you can hook the strap as long as you are not left-handed, in that case it may bother you a bit.

Nuprol Delta 


The first thing that strikes us about this M4 is its upper receiver, which reminds us of a mix between the AK and the Masada. It is manufactured in CNC aluminium with the same QPQ treatment of the previous replica, and it still weights 2.8 kg, so it is very manageable. 

It has 45º incline sights that are normally used to aim closely when carrying a magnifying optical scope. This is an option, but if you want to play as assault or opt for a red dot without any magnification, you can also mount any other sights that can be attached to an RIS.

This version of the AK21 mounts a shorter barrel (it only protrudes 3 cm from the handguard) so we think it is more versatile to play in both CQB and open field environments. It also includes a vertical pistol grip to help you evaluate the replica better.

The handguard has three 165mm RIS rails on the sides and on the bottom, which you can unscrew for a smaller span. You can refrain from attaching any accessories to achieve a slim handguard just like tactical carbines. 

The crane-type stock has six positions and allows you to house both single-module batteries and the NP Power 1450mAh 7.4v 30C Stick, as well as two-module NP Power 1450mAh 7.4v 30C Nunchuck. The ring holder in this replica allows an ambidextrous strap coupling, something that is always appreciated for the greater possibilities it offers.

Nuprol Delta 


 QD Spring Gearbox

As an M4, it carries a version 2 gearbox with the incentive of a quick spring change. This will allow you to change the replica's spring without having to open the gearbox, thus minimising the risk that it will not fire again as before.

 Spring and spring guide

It has an M100 spring type that provides an average of 340 FPS with 0.20 g BBs. The spring guide consists of a metal head and a polymer tube with a metal washer that helps in the twisting of the spring. Something that comes in handy to reduce stress when firing full auto.

Pneumatic set

The piston is made of polymer although the teeth are completely metallic, a detail we liked. The head is also made of polymer which reduces the damage in the pounding when firing. The cylinder is ventilated, a suitable feature for the length of these internal barrels. And finally the cylinder head is made of polymer with a large seal which provides good compression in each shot.

Motor and gears

The replica comes with a High Torque motor that works smoothly to move the gears. However, in order to make it more efficient, they have mounted a 7 mm bearing in the engine gear and have also left 7 mm caps for the other two looking for less friction in the turn, and a better rate of fire.

Barrel and Hop-Up

While both models have barrels of different lengths (200 mm in the case of the Freedom Fighter and 270 mm in the case of the AK21), they both share common characteristics. Both are precision 6.03 mm barrels made of steel with a QPQ finish. The hop-up chamber is made of polymer, the conventional but effective three roulettes system.

The best of the Nuprol’s Delta series is that it offers a wide variety of models to cater for all tastes and needs, but they all share a quality configuration typical of this brand as we have seen in other products from their extensive catalogue. So knowing that you just can’t go wrong with any of these two models, you just need to choose the one that best fits your airsofter style. What's yours?