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The predator that evolves based on its experience is the one that manages to reach the top of the food chain. Think of the shark. In the same way APS has gone through a long journey in which it has taken us through many different pistol models, each new one better than the previous one. And just when we thought that they had already reached the peak with the launch a few months ago of the APS Black Hornet (its first automatic GBB gun)... Today they show us again that they are only getting started, and, to prove so, today they present the Shark B, an improved evolution, with novelties within their range of pistols which it is worth taking a closer look if you have the chance.


A full-auto gun can be very useful, especially when it allows us to fire 25 balls in less than 3 seconds. Power but with control, with an average of 323 FPS and 960 bbs/min ROF, we can use a kit like the Caribbean Conversion Kit Black from APS to turn it into a submachine gun. Or obtain a greater firing rate in a CQB. And it has surely helped out many snipers in difficult situations. That is why we like the fact that APS continues to develop new innovative product lines.


APS is becoming the brand for left-handed players, and of all those who change hands, as it offers ambidextrous controls with which any hand can hold the gun. And so it has:

Ambidextrous safety latch

This model does not have a safety on the slide and has one located on the trigger, that is, a lever safety located in the body. Now it is easier lock and unlock the safety either with the trigger finger, when for safety reasons we place it out of the trigger, or with the thumb of the supporting hand, if the other hand is busy.

Magazine release 

A new feature in this gun by APS is the additional small lever or button on the other side to release the magazine. However, it has happened to us a couple of times (only at the beginning, we learn quickly) that the magazine fell off by accident when pressing it in the grip.

Fire selector

This control together with the release of the slide are the only ones that are not ambidextrous. In the fire selector it is easier to go from semi to auto (left move) than from auto to semi (from right to left), by having to operate this control with the thumb of the firing hand.


The slide is made lighter and has two holes at the top (smaller and more centred than in the Black Hornet ) made with CNC. Regarding the sights, we find a classic rear sight and a fibre optic sight in front. It collects ambient light to offer a clear reference even in environments with less light.

Internal barrel 

The internal barrel mounts a 6.03 mm precision barrel, something that, although some do not believe it is essential in a gun, it is true that snipers make the most of the grouping it generates.


1- Resized trigger guard 

Being larger than previous models, it enables a more intuitive use regardless of how large the hands of the shooter are or if gloves are being worn.

 2-  Straight trigger 

Many shooters prefer straight triggers since its shape allows us to pull the trigger from below, which increases the mechanical advantages by making the pull lighter. But APS has actually made it possible to adjust its travel so that this is definitely not just an aesthetic change.

3- Pistol Grip 

The design of this pistol not only has ergonomic features (A) that help us place our hands much more intuitively, it also has an anti-slip texture and as a novelty, it comes with an interchangeable "grip pad" (B) to adapt the circumference of the grip to the size of our hand In addition, this model includes a "magwell (C)" incorporated in the body (not attachable as in previous models) to facilitate fast reloads.


This gun comes with a 25 BBs CO2 magazine, but like all D-Mod by APS such as the Dragonfly, Scorpion, Spider etc., these are compatible with gas magazines of this brand. Although, as you all know, CO2 is much more stable in terms of temperature changes and allows us to fire more shots per gas load (we can shoot ± 80 BBs with a CO2 tank while gas will barely give us 50 shots).

How to load CO2 in APS

It may seem silly but, when using a different system to other brands, some players get it wrong, getting a worse performance than they should or even breaking the product.

1- Place the CO2 tank with the narrow part pointing outwards.

2- Screw the cap clockwise using the wide part of the skull-shaped tool, moving the two spheres at the same time to seal the magazine. 


3- Screw the inner sphere with the narrow part of the skull counter-clockwise to puncture the tank. 

Place the magazine inside the gun and hang the tool from the molle to avoid losing it. What? Did you think that this H-shape was only a decorative motif in honour of Hakkotsu? Everything is functional in APS.

If there is one thing that keeps evolving in the world of airsoft, it is surely APS’ R&D department: they never stop reviewing their work and looking for new ways to improve it. This Shark B is a clear example of this. Giving airsofters more and more features while improving their performance.

If you have already owned an APS, you will know what we are talking about and you will also be interested to know that this model is compatible with all the parts of the ACP series, so any part or accessory from this brand that you already have can also be used with this new handgun.