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G&P M4 Transformer EGT

G&P has been bringing novelties for a long time to ensure its new models not only offer aesthetic changes, but also functional and high end ones.  Also, because it takes G&P sometime to launch this model, therefore, the curiosity for  the new Transformer by the Hong Kong brand was greater than usual, we had to try them and this was our experience.


The main features of this replica are its novel handguard system that allows you to assemble and disassemble it quickly, being able to change the set of handguards, external and internal barrel, and chamber hop, at the same time. All you need is to present it in its position, screw it in and, at the end, open the clip so that it retains it in its final position. And the other way around to disassemble it. This allows for a simpler transport, both to the battleground and during the MilSim if you carry a heavier replica (LMG or sniper). 


It has two handguard options, the short one at 8” and the long version at 10.75"

But both share common characteristics. Namely the sides and lower part, which are lowered to reduce its size so that it can be held more comfortably (in the style of tactical carbines). The Mini Glass Breaker muzzle, which turns clockwise (CW) like the real ones, while most airsoft muzzles turn in the opposite direction (CCW). Or the handguard finish in four tips that "hide" the muzzle, note that these tips do have RIS to place a flashlight or ANPEQ, but accessories will actually stick out.


The Viper CQB stock from Strike Industries (licensed by Madbull) is made of polymer and is one of the lightest and most compact designs in its class. The angled lower peak responds to its compatibility with different types of shouldering. Although we liked that it is small enough not to be a problem or get in the way while it is really very comfortable when shouldering. It has QD hooks on both sides, which means that you do not need a ring holder in the stock tube.


The Ball Ball Mid cap magazine can hold up to 130 BBs as seen in other G&P models, and we love them. They are made of a polymer mixture of nylon and fibre, which makes it extremely light and resistant to all the falls magazines take when recharging. They offer more grip than a conventional metal magazine, which we prefer for quick reloads.



This model has a version 2 gearbox, as expected in an M4. We were pleasantly surprised to see that its walls are thicker in those areas which bear higher stress from the operation. 


The spring guide is made of metal, something to be thankful for since it mounts a M120 type spring with which it reaches 370 FPS with the short barrel and 415 FPS with the long one. Although this is because they have sent us the replica directly from Hong Kong. The configuration may change depending on the legislation of each country. 


The motor is a M140 High Torque from G&P and makes the gears - which are made of high-quality steel - turn smoothly. To this end, it has 8 mm bearings for a lower friction when in operation.


It has a rear mini T-Dean wiring instead of mini Tamiya as we are used to in other models. These have a larger contact surface, so in theory they should transfer the load better, but they do not have a mechanical seal to hold them together. 


The gearbox has an electronic trigger that, in theory, offers a faster and more sensitive response, although one must pay close attention to appreciate the difference with respect to a regular trigger, and a micro-mosfet incorporated inside the gearbox to protect the electrical set of the replica


You will immediately fall in love with this replica from an aesthetic point of view: the stock, the Strike Ind. pistol grip, the lighter handguard with glass breaker muzzle... Internally speaking, G&P is still one of the best brands in the market, what is more, they continue innovating with details such as the electronic trigger or the micro mosfet. But the best thing is that it offers a quality base in which to set up different configurations of handguards (together with internal barrel and hop chamber) in a fast and comfortable way. This will allow you to have a single replica for different game types depending on the field you go to each time. A world of possibilities will open up for you, because it is up to you which M4 to create from the same base. Indeed, it is no coincidence that this replica has been given the name: Transformer.