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The so-called "Black Ops" are highly clandestine covert operations and outside of military protocol. There is great secrecy around them and therefore the operators do not wear uniforms or patches that make them identified as belonging to a country or a unit. They are equipped with tactical garments but that allow them to mingle with the civilian population if they have to disappear, there is no QRF, there are no reinforcements, nobody is going to help them. We had a look at the Viper Tactical catalogue, and taking this into account, we have prepared a /COVERT/ kit list,what do you think?

This jacket is made of polyester. The sleeves, sides and hood are made of softshell with a fleece finish on the inside, while the front and back are made of quilted type fabric, this way they seek to optimise the insulation of the garment avoiding the loss of body heat. The openings for the thumb on the sleeves will also help you to keep warm, which can be used as gloves and can remain closed if we do not use them.

1. Velcro with the logo sunk on both shoulders.

2. ELASTIC CUFFS AND WAIST to avoid losing heat.

3. Double inner pocket on each side.

4. Two unique external pockets, with zip closure.

1. Size: 31x46x20 cm

2. Padded braces and back.

3. Space to carry ballistic plates between the main space and the back.

4. Hydration bag compartment and opening for the tube.

This could have been a basic cotton shirt (although made in a super resistant 220g cotton) if it were not for the flap pockets on the sleeves that allow you to carry small notebooks in which to take quick notes, a mobile phone, a GPS... and most importantly, thanks to the Velcro on the outside of the pockets, placing all "morale patches" that an airsofter needs to play.

This belt follows the design of the rescue belts in which you could hang a lifeline to secure yourselves in a helicopter or in another vehicle, for example. In this case its purpose is more aesthetic than professional, so we do not recommend using it for such end. The good thing about this system is that you can use the same belt, even if our "body perimeter" varies, always within some limits: 20-40" just by slightly adjusting the Velcro.

These trousers are made of a mixture of 60% polyester and 40% cotton, with a ripstop finish. This means that they are very light and cool but that the fabric will be strong enough before the tears that can happen during a match. The cut also helps, with details such as the diamond shape in the crotch, which works as a reinforcement, preventing the seams from opening as in the classic four-piece cut that you probably wear now while reading this. On the other hand, details such as the elastic part on the back of the waist, or the Velcro closure instead of buttons, makes the adjustment at the waist greater and more comfortable.

1. Double inner pocket in a softer fabric.

2. Opening for the radio antenna or a pen.

3. Reinforcement for clips. (of the walkie talkie, the knife or the multipurpose tool) 

4. Knee support. (not included)

1. Multi-sectioned sole for better manoeuvrability and grip.

2. Ventilated instep.

3. Sides and tab.

4. Suede finish.

This hooded sweatshirt is made as polyester fleece, which means that with only 250 g of weight it keeps us amazingly warm. It has a tight fit to the body, and has elastic cuffs and waist, which favours the loss of heat. In addition, this makes it possible to wear another garment of on top of it without greatly increasing our profile. Like the Sneaker Jacket, which has openings for the thumb, to be able to use the sleeves as gloves.

1. Adjustable hood.

2. Kangaroo pocket.

3. Velcro on the shoulders.

1. One size with an elastic point for a better fit.

2. Velcro with the logo sunk for morale patches.

3. Velcro square on top for IFF markers.

4. Mesh finish for greater heat evacuation.

Standing out with material thought and designed to go unnoticed is not easy, but Viper Tactical has done a great job. Do you have a "Black Ops" style kit in your airsoft closet? Because there is a place where you could get one or renew the one you have, but if we tell you... we would have to eliminate you! See you in the shadows.