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Specna Arms is a Hong Kong manufacturer that is already known to players. Their catalogue offers replicas for those who are just starting out, veteran players, airsofters that look for realism in the replicas and for those who like fantasy. If you visit their website (specnaarms.com) you will find more than 55 models available. And now, they launch the EDGE series with top-level features with which they set a new standard in their catalogue. And if you can’t handle all the information that we are going to provide on these models, you just have to try them to see what we are talking about.


New S-MAG magazines

As standard, there are two S-MAG mid-cap magazines of 125 BBS each in the Specna Arms EDGE box. The S-MAG is an exclusive design by Specna Arms made of an extremely resistant polymer (perfect for our games, where often times they fall to the ground when making fast reloads), with a distinctive texture and a reliable BB feeding up to the last BBs! They are also available in Hi-Cap, with a capacity of 380 BBs, and both are compatible with a wide variety of M4 replicas on the market.

Rock River Arms

Specna Arms has acquired the rights to the licenses directly from the Rock River Arms (RRA), and so it is able to engrave the original markings on the bodies of the replicas of the EDGE series. Rock River Arms is a renowned American firearms manufacturer. The company was founded in 1996 by the Larson brothers who were working at Springfield Armory and partnered with Les Baer to launch RRA. Today they operate from their facilities in Colona, Illinois, producing a full range of "AR" style rifles (for more information visit: www.rockriverarms.com).


This model is very versatile since it is compact and is perfect to use in closed spaces (CQB), it also gives good results in the open field. The quality of the construction is clear thanks to the lack of gaps with which it is assembled. The stock and the pistol grip provide a very comfortable shouldering, and although we miss an M-LOK or KeyMod handguard, we believe it will not be long until see new models with such feature.


ORION gearbox

The new EDGE series carries the new ORION Gearbox created and designed by Specna Arms. 

It has a quick spring change system1 , with a spring guide with bearings2 that together with the aluminium piston head3 that also has bearings, achieves a better torsion of the spring4 in each shot. 

It also comes with a piston with steel toothing5, an aluminium cylinder head6 , and an aluminium nozzle7 with an internal O-ring for reducing air loss. To help achieve extra precision and smoothness, EDGE replicas use 8mm bearings8 in which steel gears turn9

The hop-up chamber10 is made of polymer in a striking blue colour, which follows the cross wheel design. It has a precision internal barrel (6.03 mm)11 to get a tighter and accurate shot.


The replicas of the EDGE series have an integrated X-ASR MOSFET. The fourth GATE MOSFET generation, a Polish brand that designs and produces the most innovative control systems for AEGs and MOSFETs.  

Its main functions and special features increase the performance and durability of EDGE replicas. The MOSFET X-ASR has an automatically resettable polarity-repelling protector, which protects the unit or motor from damage that may result from a polarity change in the connection. To ensure the highest level of component safety, the controller is equipped with an intelligent fuse that prevents overload and overheating. 

In addition, the GATE unit has been built with two LEDs that enable the user to solve problems quickly even on the field. Regarding its performance, the unit integrated in the EDGE replicas allows them to have a faster trigger response and an increased fire rate.

A solid construction, impeccable mechanics, a design that provides high configuration... what more can we ask for a new generation replica? Specna Arms has designed this series of replicas seeking to satisfy the demands of the most demanding players. What do you think? did they manage to do so?