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All airsofters have seen 13 hours, if you have not, make sure to watch it this weekend before you are banned from airsoft. It is an impressive movie with which the SAY GRY reached stardom, an M4 model that is easily recognizable thanks to its "JailBrake" muzzle. We can see this model in the hands of Tyrone "Rone" Woods, the tactical chief of the CIA’s security team. And thanks to CYMA, you can enter airsoft fields with a budget suitable for all.



1. SAI Handguard with MLOK

2. QD coupling 

3. Resized trigger guard

4. Oversized and ambidextrous magazine release

5. Custom fire selector

6. Hi-Cap type Magpul PMAG M2 MOE magazine

7. Removable folding sights

8. Ambidextrous ring holder

9. VLTOR EMOD stock


One of the surprises with this replica takes place when you  hold it for the first time and discover that it is built in reinforced nylon. And it is not only about its lightness despite the 795-870 mm in length, but the hardness of the material and the compactness of its assembly. It only moves around slightly, which is due to the typical tolerance leeway of the tube.

13 hours (2016)

This film directed by Michael Bay is based on a book with the same name written but Michael Zuckoff. It tells the story around the attack on the residence of the US ambassador and of the diplomatic facilities of the CIA in Libya. Rone, the CIA tactical team chief, uses a GRI SAI (although it should, not since the rifle was launched in 2015 and the events occurred in 2012) with an EOTech and an AN/PEQ-15 as we tried to represent in the photos.


This is probably the most recognizable feature of the model. It really is  a muzzle on another muzzle since by releasing a couple of screws on the sides you can disassemble this finish that lengthens the handguard with a RIS on all four sides, and you will find a standard barrel finished in a type A2 "Birdcage” muzzle, one in which you will be able to mount all types of 14 mm thread silencers.


1. Gearbox

It has a version 2 gearbox, typical of M4 replicas, with a solid exterior finish and 8 mm steel bearings. With a rear wiring in a tamiya connector, although before reaching it there is a small fuse that will try to extend the life of the electrical set. This feature takes up some space for the batteries in the stock’s tube but we still find models that fit without problems in the usual voltages.


It has a M100 spring type, which we found to be somewhat shorter than usual although the performance is the same, and provides an average power of 430 FPS. The spring guide is made of polymer and has a washer to facilitate the torsion of the spring, a very useful feature at these power rates, while there are no bearings inside the piston head to complete the upgrade.

3. Pneumatic set

The polymer piston has a single metal toothing. The piston head is also made of plastic and although it achieves a decent compression, we believe that it can be improved with a rubber that achieves a greater air sealing. The aluminium cylinder is sealed, without ventilation, and comes in an attractive metallic red colour. The cylinder head is made of polymer to prevent wear and tear due to the pounding with the piston head. And the nozzle is manufactured in a transparent polymer.

4. Barrel and Hop-Up

The barrel, like the cylinder, has a striking metallic red aluminium colour. It has a length of 385 mm and an inside diameter of 6.08 mm. The hop-up chamber is made of polymer and follows the classic three-wheeled design on the M4 replicas.

Who said that M4s are all the same? Yes, they are compatible with each other, as operators of the same unit, but then each one is special in its own way. So we can assure you that with this M4 from CYMA you will not go unnoticed in the fields. Because anyone who has seen 13 hours, and there is quite a few of us, will recognize it as soon as we see it.