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"Designed to go further than the rest". That seems to be the motto that inspired H&K engineers to develop this model based on the MR308 civilian rifle competition and improving it drawing on the experience of the Bundeswehr, the German army, in Afghanistan. 

Umarex must also have been inspired by that phrase since, having the licenses to create the 1:1 replica with all its markings, it entrusted VFC, one of the best current manufacturers, with the electric replica of the real model. And now it’s the player’s turn to decide whether, in addition to realism, which is a given, they have managed to bring the experience of the designated marksman rifle (DMR) farther than the rest.


When H&K presented the G28 in 2011, the RAL 8000 colour body was a surprise (a colour reference for metals), the colour is the same as that used by the famous unit Afrika Kops, and makes the combination with the rest of the browns on the model (the fact that they don’t match is a good thing for once) very cool.


The design of the G28 is developed from the 417 that is, in turn, part of the 416, so they share many elements of its configuration. So the G28 offers ambidextrous controls, both the firing selector, as the release of the bolt catch (which by the way, is functional) or the release of the magazine. This gives more versatility during play time when switching shoulders, although in the case of a marksman model, it will be more useful for left-handed shooters.


The stock is another highlight of this marksman model. It follows the fine profile that we saw in the H&K 416A5 but with an adjustable recoil pad as well as a cheek rest that we can adjust so that our eye is directly aligned with the sights when we shoulder the model.

Series add-ons

We all know that after buying a replica we have to spend even more money on accessories, however they are included as standard in this case: a type Harris bipod along with an adapter to attach it to the RIS (as comfortable and fast as they get; shaped rail covers, so be careful when putting them on; a ring holder for the ris of the handguard; a frontal grip, of simple design but like the real one; and the most characteristic of the model, a frame with rings for the telescopic sight that carries rises to place a red dot. Everything in the same pack, impressive, right?

Internal Parts

The gearbox of this model is of own design although we could recognise parts of a version 2 or even of a version 3. It is disassembled in three parts, which is interesting; the trigger, the piece that holds it to the body, and finally the box with the mechanisms.

It does not incorporate a quick spring change system. The metallic spring guide with bearings, together with the washer inside the piston, improve the torsion of the spring type M120. The piston has only half of the metal teeth, but the piston head is made of aluminium and offers great compression in the chromed cylinder. 

This has an oval ventilation port to regulate the amount of air adjusting it to the length of the barrel. The head of the cylinder is made of polymer which reduces the impact of the pounding with the piston head, the nozzle is also made of polymer and features the three-circle hole characteristic of the Taiwanese manufacturer.

The gears are made of very high-quality steel, they have VFC markings and rotate on 8 mm bearings, driven by a high torque motor. It also has a mosfet that protects the set of a possible malfunction. The hop-up chamber is made of polymer and follows the design of a single wheel transverse to the barrel, of 450 mm in length.


There is no doubt that this is the best electric replica of the Heckler & Koch G28 that we can find in the market. It is not haughtiness, it is not arrogance, it is not the fact that this is the most realistic replica in the market, it really is a replica worth its price. If you think it is very expensive you may think like many countries that consider buying the real model, but if you think it is impressive you may think like many of the special forces who have had the opportunity to try the real model already.