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Korth is a German real gun manufacturer whose products are appreciated in the market as if they were Rolls-Royce cars. Now, thanks that Korth PRS is in cooperation with the distributor, BEGADI and ICS, you can enjoy the replicas of these pistols, starting with the Korth PRS, at a 1:1 scale. All the good things of a premium brand like Korth with internal parts with the efficiency that ICS has displayed in the latest models.


The design of the slide and the frameis a replica of Korth's real model, which also has all the licenses to show off its markings, both the logo on the left side of the slide and the marking in German on the right side of the frame. They make its origin clear. 

We liked realistic features such as the steel extractor or how the outer barrel is fixed instead of oscillating as we are accustomed to when cocking the gun. And design features such as the dots instead of the classic stripes on the slide to improve the grip in the cocking.


The outer aluminium barrel has an anodized finish that improves stability and precision when firing. It also has an internal thread in which you can attach a 14 mm CCW threaded steel adapter to be able to attach a silencer or compensator.


We find elements that we really like, such as the M1913 rail type under the barrel to attach accessories to the gun, or oversized safety latches for thumb and grip. These small details make its use much more comfortable for airsoft players.


This gun is designed to make possible up-grades compatible with the largest possible offer. That is why pieces such as the firing system or the grips are interchangeable with Tokyo Marui type pieces. Or the luminescent fixed sights, with the classic three point system that help aim under any light condition. A success, in our opinion, so that users can customise them.


The magazines of this replica come with the REVO valve system developed by ICS, which has two parts:

· The Quantitative Injection Valve in the base of the magazine will help us load 30% more liquid gas in our magazines, thus maintaining greater control of the internal pressure of the magazine and improving the gun’s autonomy (that is, the time you can be firing before having to reload the gas).

· The Performance Releasing Valve in the upper part has a new O-ring and spring with which you can regulate the amount of gas that comes out with each shot, adjusting the performance of the gun depending on the time of the year (it is very different to play 40ºC in summer than at 10ºC in winter).

But they are not the only elements that will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the parts involved in the shot. For the first time in this model, the trigger can also be adjusted. Something that handgun loving airsofters will really appreciate.


When dismantling the slide you can access the Marui type wheel hop-up. And you will be surprised to discover that it lacks a spring guide and that the outer barrel itself is thicker than usual in other models, used to centre the SUS301 stainless steel spring, which places the slide back to its position after each shot. Inside the barrel you will find an internal 6.03 mm precision barrel that explains the precision when firing this model.

This is what we like about manufacturers like the Taiwanese ICS, since when they launch a new model to the market they do not settle with just a new design with the same technology they had before, but they try to revolutionize the player's experience with all the advances, internal and external, that they can offer.