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If there is something the guys at Z-Tactical do very well, it is listening to their users. This time around they surprised us with new models in their catalogue and with improved versions of models that we had already tested. We notice that they have corrected previous faults and improved qualities, something that of course deserves our respect, and hopefully more brands incorporate the feedback that airsofters give them. 



· This model is a COMTAC II version of 3M by Peltor, a benchmark in this type of products and widely used by operators around the world.

· This new Z-Tac version includes gel pads like the professional models. Making them much more comfortable when wearing them during events and preventing the temples of the glasses from becoming uncomfortable.

· Unlike other models, the fabric that covers the headband can not be removed since it is made of stitched leather, which provides it a more sober touch less customisation (a small detail in any case).

· The noise cancelling function (reduces loud sounds such as explosions) requires an AA battery in each headset. While it also works as a normal headset even without batteries.



· This version of the COMTAC II replaces the previous headband with a set of rails that can be attached to the ARCS rails of our Ops-Core FAST helmets.

· Unlike the previous model, this version does not come with gel pads. Although the ones it includes are very comfortable since when wearing them attached to the helmet you do not feel so much pressure during the game.

· The volume controls are located on the left side instead of the on the right, so you will not have to stop shooting while playing to turn them on. 

· They also have noise cancellation (exactly like the previous model) but you can still use them as a normal headset even without batteries simply by connecting it to a PTT.



· This model replicates the first of this series of products launched by 3M Peltor, an already established brand that is among real operators and airsofters.

· This version of the COMTAC I is already prepared with rails to be able to quickly and easily attach them to the ARCS of Ops-Core FAST helmets, without taking up space inside (big heads are in luck).

· To activate the noise cancellation in this model you will need to put two AA batteries in the left helmet. They are secured with a screw, so you won't lose them although it will be uncomfortable to change them during the game.

· In terms of quality, it is worth mentioning that the quality of the polymer coating that covers the cable has been improved and the connections have been considerably enhanced.



· Let’s move on from the models based on 3M Peltor for a second to analyse this replica of the MSA Sordin Supreme, with a thinner profile than the previous ones.

· It has three control buttons on the left side: two to raise and lower the volume, and one more for the on/off function, which simplifies its use over the previous ones, in our opinion.

· Like the previous ones, this model has been prepared to be fitted with rails in the ARCS of the Ops-Core helmets. And the pads are very comfortable and adapt perfectly to the ear and temples of the glasses, and they do not hurt your temples like other models do. 

· Place two AA batteries in the right helmet to cancel the noise and magnify the ambient sound, like the previous models, only by unscrewing two covers so it is safer and you do not need tools.



· Finally the third version of the COMTAC. At the beginning of 2019 they announced the launch of the COMTAC VI, although Z-Tac has only the first four generations so far. 

· This headband model, also covered by leather, is very comfortable to prevent any pain even if you carry the helmet, although for those cases we prefer the option of attaching it to the rails.

· The recovery response when cancelling a high decibel sound is much faster than in version II, which helps when you are in the midst of a very intense combat situation. 

· The operation of the noise cancelling and ambient sound magnification option is powered by two AA batteries, but the communication function will continue to work even if they run out.

Do you copy? We assure you that Z-TAC does copy, since with this new launch of products (look for them by the reference we are including) they not only continue to expand the variety of models among which the airsofters can choose, but they show us that they listen when we tell them what we think about their products and they put their people to work to improve their catalogue. 

Over and out.