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We have seen it in Jack Reacher's movie: Never Go Back, in the hands of Jason Statham in Death Race and you may have even held it in games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, the everlasting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. The M9A1 is a descendant of the mythical 92F that became the M9 when it was adopted by the US Army in 1985. Today this Beretta heiress comes to us by the hand of KJ Works, updated, they make something different and in an interesting sand colour. 

Picatinny rail

Unlike the original model, this version includes a Picatinny rail under the barrel for flashlights or lasers. The redistribution of the weight towards the front that these attachments cause helps to compensate slightly the deviation caused by the recoil. While it is a fairly heavy replica (1.1 kg), like the real model, so it should not be overloaded.

Pointing the gun

The dimensions of the gun makes its grip perfect if you have big hands, a very suitable feature also to be able to offset the movement generated by the recoil of the slide with each shot, especially with CO2 magazines. 

Quality in the internal parts

The recovery of the slide by the spring is very powerful, but the spring guide holds it perfectly despite not being made of steel. We liked that it has a tooth that is coupled to the frame of hop to ensure its position at all times even with the power of the movement.

Magazines: Gas or CO2

As is customary in the KJ Works gun catalogue, this model is compatible with both gas and CO2 magazines. The good thing is that you do not need to make any changes to the gun to use one or the other. If you ask us, using the gas or the CO2 depends above all on the temperature, go for gas above 23 °C, but use CO2 for anything lower than that.

Hitting the target

The barrel is only 120 mm and yet we are surprised by the precision with which we can hit a target at 40 meters. In airsoft you will rarely ask more from a handgun, and yet it is surprising that with a 120 mm barrel you can hit 40 meters with such precision. Even if the conditions (wind, temperature...) allow it, we could hit the targets more typical of an AEG, but of course, you need the right situation.

As classic as it gets, this replica of the M9A1 is a piece of history made replica gun but with an updated soul with the tan colour or the threaded outer barrel finish with its threaded cover to be able to attach silencers or compensators that make this model even more modern with such a long career in armies as the US army.