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Velites shotguns and their "G” (gas) series appeared in the market over a year ago. A gift for many of us players, since we could only dream about a shotgun with similar characteristics if we bought a Tokyo Marui, an Angry Gun kit, G&P accessories and we had the invaluable help of a mechanic who assembled and put everything together. This could mean, back then, around € 600. The Velites arrived at the market offering similar characteristics but for a price three times lower! It was one of the biggest sales successes of the year across Europe.

So, we talked so much about them? The first generation, in our opinion, was very well balanced in terms of quality/price. But as with a Marui shotgun to which you add an Angry Gun (a gas container that allows you to add an M4 stock), it required some level of maintenance so that the joints were always lubricated (otherwise they dry and can generate leaks) and not all players knew how to do this. Gas shotguns should always be well lubricated and hold a little gas inside them, even when not using it!

A year later, a second generation of Velites called INVICTA is here, including many internal aspects of the first generation that have been improved, greatly improving their sealing. These Invicta do not need as much that the player remembers to always keep some gas as the first generation did (although we advise to always have it lubricated). 

The range consists of 5 new models of which the following stand out externally:

· Metal M-Lok metal handguard, very well made and very adjusted to the contour to offer a low profile, very trendy in the current arms market. 

· The G·III and the G·V models have their load tanks in the connecting piece between the pistol grip and the body and the G·V model also includes the grip already assembled as standard.

· All shotguns have a selector in their ejection port that allows firing 3 or 6 BBs.

· All shotguns include 3 cartridges of 30 BBs.

· In the G·II model, the pistol grip itself is also the gas tank, which can be load at the bottom.

· The G·II and G·III models are available in black and tan, while the G·V model is only available in black.


The factory sends the shotguns with gas inside, the distributors in turn check that there is gas inside and the stores are asked in turn to check that there is gas inside. If the shotgun is stored with gas, the joints will not dry and will not have any leakage problems. WARNING! If you buy a shotgun, it is very important that you store it with gas when you are not using it.

The connection tube (A) has been modified with a silicone material that withstands temperature changes better, keeping the temperature of the gas more stable.

The tubes have been sealed with rings (B) larger clamps to better seal their joints.

The spring of the hammer (C) has been replaced by one with more loops, thicker and better material, making sure that, with use, the spring does not lose elasticity, always maintaining a stable tension when activated.

The internal cylinder assembly has been modified and improved.

The internal assembly of the cylinder has also undergone interesting modifications that improve the tightness, making the whole set more resistant to temperature changes.

The design of the new spring guide (D), which is one of the key elements of the set, has also been modified with a new mechanization.

This guide includes thicker O-rings(E), the first one is silicone. The purpose of these O-rings is a much better sealing, which offers better compression and better withstands outside temperatures.

The spring guide itself has also been replaced by a harder spring (F), with more loops, which performs its function better

Likewise, the external cover of the valve chamber has been made in CNC aluminium (G), modifying its shape. Before this piece was cast in zamak.

As  an extra detail, much of the screws have been improved with stainless steel screws. This does not affect the operation but the improvement of the parts is always appreciated.

Another point in these new Invictas is the injection of a better quality plastic in the gearbox.

Finding the room for improvement, listening to users when they talk about their experience in the game, trying to innovate in the market... these are all things that we like to see individually in any brand, and when we find them together in Secutor, they explain by themselves how this brand has managed to get to where it is in such a short time. You don’t need us to tell you any more, just try them!