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Is this model new? No, LCT launched the LTS in 2017, but they have not remained idle in these past two years. They have been developing a new Electric Blow Back (EBB) system that they have begun to offer in their catalogue, providing an amazing experience. Besides the quality and performance of its internal parts, and the reliability and finish of its external parts, now LCT replicas offer something more: a unique experience.

New EBB by LCT

This is the novelty of this model, an impressive electric blowback system, the experience as an airsoft replica is unique. It is so powerful that, in fact, we had to tighten the frame of the scope a couple of times since it was loosening with the vibration of the replica. And with so much extra power it is interesting that it does not use any extra battery power, in fact LCT has quality control for each gun included velocity test, this one recorded an average of 103.74 m/s (340 FPS) and 1.08 joules with 0.20 g BBs.

PK-298 Handguard

The handguard is one of the main characteristic elements of this model. It is a PK-298 made of aluminium 5052 and 6061 (which are basically hardened aluminium alloys, which posses good mechanical properties) by stamping and CNC. Even carrying only RIS at the top and replacing the other five lines with KeyMod to make it lighter, this part only contributes 451g to the replica that you will quickly notice when shouldering it.

KRINKOV 4-Piece Flash Hider

The name "Krinkov" is used in the USA for AKS74U, although it is not known whether if it was due to a Soviet officer captured in Afghanistan, for being a nickname of Bin Laden who was a user of the model, or for any other reason. The thing is that this AK by LCT chooses to add a Krinkov type muzzle, whose purpose is purely aesthetic since we have noticed there is no big difference after shooting with it and without it.

SAW Style Pistol Grip 

The pistol grip in this model is SAW style (yes, like that of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon), which provides a comfortable grip for both big hands and small hands since the grip is wide and narrow at the same time. A detail which few users notice is the piece of iron bent at the bottom, which helps to quickly place the hand.

PK-308 LTS Stock

This stock is made of high strength polymer, which lightens the weight, a nice feature since taking into account the total weight, but that in turn makes it unbalance forward. The design of this stock is excellent, as it offers three different spaces to carry the battery:

1- In the stock’s tube: 170x20x20 mm 

2- In the side tubes: 119x17 mm (the standard size for CR123 batteries) 

3- In the perpendicular part: 85x20x45 mm


It assembles a version 3 gearbox, the typical in AKs, with a quick spring change1 configuration (although we will have to take out the gearbox of the replica). 

It comes with a metallic spring guide2 with bearing that together with the piston head bearings improve the torsion of the spring3, which by the way is an M100 type. The piston4 is high torque, made of steel, with a half tooth rack and a fin that moves the EBB system. An own design that looks very sturdy. The piston head5 is made of CNC aluminium alloy. 

The cylinder6 is made of steel, sealed with an opening in the upper part for the piston fin. The cylinder head7, designed in two parts, with the second piece in rubber replacing the usual O-ring, which achieves greater compression, is made of nylon fibre with high impact resistance, like the nozzle8

The gears9 are made of carbon steel, with a new high torque design that can be seen for example in the teeth, which in theory at least provide more mechanical strength, and rotate on 6 mm bearings10. The motor11 is a S1 Speed of 27500 RPM with a metallic gold part instead of plastic as in other models. It carries a plastic hop-up chamber12, the classic design of the AK, with an internal barrel13 of 365 mm.


There is no need to say that LCT is one of the best manufacturers of AK replicas in the market, since everyone knows by now. But thanks to their new Electric Blow Back, their replicas take it to next level in the chain of realism, something that any player can say when they have this new series in their hands, or rather, when you open fire.