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The Hi-Capa is one of airsoft’s iconic guns, and while its reputations is justified, there is always room for improvement, for innovation. That is the goal towards which SRU’s is heading with products such as this conversion kit. Experts in professional 3D printing (nothing to do with home productions, just check the sturdiness and the absence of any gap in this kit) their catalogue shows how to improve the performance from the replicas and give them a unique look so that you can enjoy a totally different replica compared to the rest of the airsofters.


This kit is compatible with the Hi-Capa of many different manufacturers. We can use it with the models of Tokyo Marui, WE, Armorer Works or KJ Works for example. The assembly is really simple, we will take advantage of the slide and the firing mechanism, discarding the pistol grip of the original model. The rest of the assembly is fairly easy if we follow the instructions included by the manufacturer step by step.


This conversion kit will transform our Hi-Capa from just a gun to an SMG or submachine gun. Ronin is one of the real brands that put more work into this concept, but now thanks to 3D printing the possibilities increase and they have achieved that, with this kit, you do not see a gun wrapped in a shell, but the feeling of having a completely new submachine gun replica.


One of the advantages of turning our gun into an SMG is that we get a stock, we improve stability when firing and better accuracy. It also offers 4 RIS around the barrel to configure more accessories than with the original gun. And it has a QD hitch on each side to be able to carry it with a strap.


Since it is made of polymer it does not add excessive weight to the replica. In addition, the construction of the kit places the weight in the back, being really comfortable to shoulder even with one hand, a great option for CQB games, since we can use the other to go open a door or throw a grenade. Furthermore, the lever (which we can mount on either side of the slide) will enable faster cocking than with a regular gun.


This kit can be mounted in two different versions. A longer one where the model will have a total length of 505/620 mm, compared to the 385/505 mm of the short version. And it is as simple as mounting the handguard extension if desired. Although we will also have to take into account that we will be losing 120 mm of Picatinny rail on each of the four sides.


A la hora de jugar se nota mucha diferencia al ir a pistola o con un subfusil, se nota diferencia entre el sonido de una pistola metálica y una de polímero, se nota cuando juegas con una AEG o con una GBB. Y con este kit sacas la parte buena de todo ello, tienes la maniobrabilidad de un subfusil con el sonido metálico del amartillado (sonido que se ve además amplificado en el interior del kit) de una réplica metálica y la sensación de retroceso y realismo del gas blowback. En este punto además, hay que señalar que como el recoil queda por detrás de la empuñadura (el kit lleva un gatillo adelantado), no solo se controla mejor sino que nos da la sensación de un M4 con recoil. 

In short, SRU has done two great jobs with this kit: it shows all the creative possibilities that professional or industrial 3D printing has in the field of airsoft and point out the possible disadvantages that HiCapa could have, to turn them into advantages when using this kit. Do you dare to try it?